【Notes】Taiwan brand finishing of bicycle-related products

— Last update date:2020/12/02

【Round Group】

  • SORE-Small rope hand-knitted wheel。Strong rigidity。I changed the road bike later,Feels great。
  • KAISH-Brand transformation from foundry,Good reputation due to CP value in recent years。Huagu has cooperated with domestic Qiao Shen。
  • Motoo-new brand,Feature is silent and frictionless。The hub core is made of Japanese material。For HASA riders。
  • Hawkvi-For HASA riders。Dizo is also useful。
  • ALEXRIMS-The set I changed on my mountain bike later。The media evaluates the domestic light。
  • NOVATEC – HASA R2 2018 Matched wheels,Feel bad。Full-time hub。
  • Uncle Sam – Hand Knitted Wheel
  • Aster

Netizen evaluation:
◎ If it is posted by you 13,500 This price,run 3 Similar to mavic elite。
◎ After the boss analysis,Choose MOTOO-ALW300 Silent and Resistance Wheelset。Really silent all the way、Instant feedback on pedaling strength。Successfully won the first 2 name。


  • Qiao Shen CHOSEN – Has cooperation with KAISH rounds。
  • KREX-The set I changed to my mountain bike later。
  • 久裕 NOVATEC

【Brake Clamp】

  • Yanhao TEKTRO-common in finished cars。

【Brake block】

  • BARADINE-the group bought for the wife。
  • ASHIMA-sponsored team。The group given by the rider,Works well。

【Dragon Head / Standpipe]

  • UNO-the group that helped the road bike change。

【Seat tube】

  • UNO-before sending the mountain bike to a colleague,The set replaced。



【Shifting Cable/Brake Cable】

  • Jagwire-with media interview。
  • ALLIGATOR-in different colors。
  • CHUEN HAN-different colors。
  • ASHIMA-sponsored team。


  • microSHIFT

【Large plate/sprocket plate】



  • SunRace

【Guide Wheel】


【Head bowl】

  • Zhiqing neco


  • Velo-sponsored event。

【Hand strap】

  • Velo
  • Like Home

【Inner and outer tire】

  • Zhengxin/Maxxix CST/MAXXIX
  • Kenda


  • KMC


  • IceToolz


  • GIYO-cheap and easy to use。

【Code table】

  • Bryton
  • Xplova
  • Garmin

[Code table extension seat]

  • KREX
  • FSA


  • IceToolz-good quality。
  • ASHIMA-sponsored team。


  • INFINI-specialize in LED。




  • Gearoop-special design。


  • Monton-currently worn。
  • KPLUS – 2020 Second in market share。
  • GVR-Good goggles series,And can be fine-tuned left and right,recommend。


  • EXUSTAR-current vest and jacket。
  • Monton-good material,2020 No. 1 market share。
  • ATLAS – 2020 5th in market share。
  • Frontier – 2020 6th in market share。01 Highly rated。Some netizens said, "Let me who don’t usually ride a bicycle,14 day 1600 公里(Roundabout),The ass doesn't hurt the whole time,Smooth completion without leg cramps。」
  • FMA
  • EALI-Many materials use fabrics from local manufacturers in Taiwan。Boss is very enthusiastic,Very persistent in athletics。
  • Sporty-Some netizens rated it as comfortable。
  • Rema – Some products are made from recycled waste。Self-designed car trouser cushion。01 Good review。
  • Happy Taiwan-All MIT。


  • ZIV – 2020 Third in market share。

【Fart cream / Body Cream】

  • Chipei

Last,GIANT has products in almost every category,So they are not listed。

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