Generic Host Process For Win32 Services 錯誤

Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi 灌電 腦時 heavy 姐 幫老,Encountered a small state,XP會不定時的出現「Generic Host Process For Win32 Services 遇到問題而且必須關閉」的視窗,After the closure of the network also immediately followed the hanging point,重 登 也 没用,Be sure to reboot,Internet connection to function properly。

We arrive at the Second Gu Shi 已經 circumstances 這個,I think we should have a lot of people run into this problem。The solution is simple,Just go to the official Microsoft download KB894391 update file can be solved。The main causes of this problem,Description of the update file mentioned in:"Installing this update to resolve after you install security update MS05-012 may cause the display" normal host processing sequence (Generic Host Process)訊息 issues mistake ",RTF e-mail message or cause attachment file names in question can not be displayed。」

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If after installing KB894391,Solve the feedback problem 沒有 是,Please update KB921883 fixes

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  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Ah ~ it may condition any connection with the above different

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    It seems to me the updated SP3 can solve this problem

  3. Pan Dela ... Says |

    Not,sp3 also encounter this problem ...

  4. Practical Says |

    Great,Find other ways
    I used the first update file is useless
    試第 current standing two individual positive

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