Fix DNS Client Events – 8012、8013

  Several server event records will jump out of DNS Client Events every once in a while,Previously crawled online,But still not solved,Just tried again,This time finally find out the reason and correct it。


The following is an explanation for my situation:

【DNS Client Events – 8013】

The system cannot use the following settings to register indicators for the network interface card (PTR) Resource record (RR)…

the reason:DNS server configured by this server's NIC,There is no reverse solution setting for the IP segment。

solution:Just add the counter solution,After adding, you can use ipconfig /registerdns to test,See if the message will appear。


【DNS Client Events – 8012】

The system uses the following settings as network interface card registration indicators (PTR) Resource record (RR) failure…

the reason:DNS server configured by this server's NIC,Although there is a reverse solution,But based on certain factors,Anti-solution of the client cannot write PTR into DNS Server。I, for one,When I set up the reverse solution in DNS early,What might be testing,So in 172.20 A domain is set under the reverse solution “8” Delegation,As a result, 172.20.8.X devices may appear 8012 PTR login failure message,The remaining 172.20.9~11.X devices can log in normally。

solution:Masaru 8 This delegation setting can be deleted。


  Reference to the Microsoft forum Anne He Explanation,Solve related problems can start from three places:

1. Check DNS server reverse solution settings。

2. Check if the "Dynamic Update" setting of DNS Server is to allow [non-secure and secure] updates。

3. When there is no way,You can consider manually adding the PTR value to the reverse solution。


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