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Author:Lee Chia-tung
Press:Nine Press
Publishing Day:2006On February 10
Individual competitions:★★★★☆

Professor Li will encounter things themselves in a way to render the story,Each short story are implicit in Professor Lee has been advocating doing good、Deposit kindness,And the importance of learning。

This book reads very comfortable feeling,Professor Lee to be able to see the next generation of its concern and efforts made。Reading,Capable of watching the review itself as,Even with the book as a part of the contents of goal。

My favorite is "again a three years' this,Professor Lee of being a teacher's point of view to tell their own ideas,And interaction with students case。After finished the book,I went back and re-read this post again,Being able to feel the pressure of the big student of Professor Lee,But I believe that after Professor Lee honed,They will become a group of very good students。So I have hopes he can this goal,Do not waste life。

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