Cold sore throat,Rehabilitation way do not take medicine

Impression from the beginning of high school,As long as the beginning of a cold sore throat,Will be the last to do three months ending cough,It has been very afraid of cold from the beginning of the cough,And my body went to the doctor often useless,So a few years will not see a doctor cold,Later tried to be good in a few years to see a doctor,But the effect is limited。

Cough bothers me most is the most,Every three months, a cough is,See a doctor to take medicine is useless,The most effective one tried three days is taking medicine improves,However, the fourth day began to recover cough,Tried various recipes provided by friends and family,Contains fruits、Loquat paste etc.。Speaking of loquat paste,One time there was a well-meaning colleagues said,Taipei between well-known in the pharmacy,Their famous loquat cream,They cook their own,Although expensive,But very effective,There the news,Then the afternoon is very enthusiastic so I dug a spoonful of warm water with a Try,I did not expect this incredible test,I instantly burst cough,Also to cough almost can not breathe,I had a very bad potential refused to return the favor。

Two years ago because of busy work,Often work overtime,Resulting in significant deterioration of the body,Once cold actually continued for three months(Just cough in the past three months),During read Chinese、Western medicine treatment a total of eight times,Later, a little cough to see blood,The last major hospitals directly gave me antibiotics before rehabilitation。And after a month of recovery,Cold again,Although the relatively minor,But there was also two weeks,The moment his body felt a big problem,Seems immune system gone,Ability to repair itself seems close to zero。

After these two experiences colds and medical treatment,I started thinking about the treatment of Chinese and Western medicine,And how it is cold,Have a lot of information on the Internet in this regard,I will not go。Later, I was thinking,To condition my body,Has been relying on medicine to mask the symptoms,Is not the answer,Also afraid to eat the more the more pernicious,The best way to come up with other solutions,To help his body recover。Then think of a time I heard a nurse say,The vast majority are from the virus enters the mouth,The throat mucosa can actually prevent these bacteria invade,But when you've got to keep it moist,So in theory is recommended every 15 minutes should drink a sip of water,The moment you hear all laughed, "how could!" And I was also smiled with,Did not think about what,No one thought this would be the last cold I do not take medicine,And let the way of physical rehabilitation。

After a few months,I caught a cold,Sore throat on the day of onset,Then leave to rest,Then think of a nurse”theory”,Was thinking,Since the throat usually every fifteen minutes to add moisture to keep moist,I now have invaded bacteria,I multiplied by three times,Drink a sip of water every five minutes to try。So using a mobile phone to download the APP TABATA,Setting a reminder every five minutes。There is also remembered by a doctor suggested,When oral bacteria are more cold,You can reduce the number of bacteria through brushing,So in addition to my usual morning and evening brushing,At 12:00 the day、15:00、6Also point to brush your teeth。(You can gently brush,Otherwise one day so many times,Be injured)

From the beginning of the experiment around noon,I was leaning on the bed reading a book,Try not to let the body taxing,Drink four p.m.,Throat still hurts,But I continued to drink the。To a six-point for a long time,I found the pain in the throat seems to have improved,After the period from six to eight,Obviously feel the pain index falling,After eight lasts seven to insure good,Although later continued to drink ten o'clock,Also there are about two、Three percent of pain,But it has made me ecstatic,Over the years,This is the first time I restrain sore throat,Let alone in one day restrain。The next morning,Pain has only a、Two percent,Then, although I did not drink every five minutes,But still maintain plenty of water,Do not let yourself too tired,So,I actually successfully make good cold,And no cough。

The success of the experiment,I was very excited,In addition to restrain cold,Also expressed understanding for his body,In some extent right,Suddenly a kind of feeling of victory together,Ha。After an interval of several months,I started again a cold sore throat,I immediately leave to rest,And help your body repair itself in accordance with the above manner,Result,When approximately five - seven hours, like water to drink,Sore throat began to improve,The second war,I am with my body again victory。

The five minutes to drink water way,So far I've experimented three times,Three have successfully let cold rehabilitation,And had no cough。Five minutes may sound difficult to drink water,But really, really not easy to continue,So I have to rely on books to get through this long period of time,If you have a cold sore troubled,Also in the research or treatment of colds way how not to damage the health of,Suggestions can try this way,I hope we are able to reduce the intake of drugs,His body and become good partners。

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