Friendly Environment Shopping Platform-Health Market

【Welfare Market】
trust,Can not be replaced。happy,Start with cooking

– Only sell Taiwanese products (Exception for olive oil in cooperation with Israel)。
– Cooperate with environmentally friendly producers and visit the production area in person。
– Use locomotive express,Same day delivery。

– full 500 Free shipping now,Therefore, the unit price of the product is a bit higher than other platforms (Diluted freight)。
– There are three times of delivery every day,Same day delivery。
– Optional special insulation bag。

Focus on products (the reason):
– He Nai Chuan Soy Milk (Taiwanese black beans、soy)
– He Nai Chuan Tofu  (Taiwanese Soybeans、Black beans)
– Miso Nogawa(Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Taiwan Tofu   (Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Xiangxing Pork  (The livestock owner attaches great importance to the air in the ranch environment、Waste water、Waste disposal)
– Black bean drink    (Taiwanese black beans) ← Soaked
– Black bean tea    (Taiwanese black beans) ← Soak yourself
– Lotus root powder    (Healthier than sweet potato powder and cornstarch)
– Soy sauce     (Taiwanese black beans)
– sesame oil

Recommended products (the reason):
– Herb Wild Garden Eggs (In the case of grazing eggs,Relatively cheap) ← carton
– Free-range chicken eggs   (grazing、Let the old hen die) ← Plastic Box
– He Nai Chuan Tofu   (The only local soybeans I can buy on the market、Black bean tofu)
– Miso Nogawa(Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Color radish   (Supplement the nutrient needs of different colors)
– Extraordinary product     (Special products are not damaged obviously,But the price is much better)
– Yam


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