Microsoft New Phonetic IME word selection system sometimes will commonly used word routed to the last few pages to,Predictive text feature often wrong。Currently personally feel that the best use of the software input method is natural input method,Natural input method crossword considered quite accurate,Can also automatically add the Thesaurus,Unfortunately, this is to be paid。

Chewing input method is regarded as between the new phonetic and natural,Import laws 及 non-natural character selection system 雖然,But definitely better than the new phonetic input method on many。If often used to establish their own lexicon,Under a long time coming,Crossword system can enhance the input method.

The proposal would have to read the manual,Content not more than,They are all Shifenchongyao instructions and teaching。Operation mode can be set to their conventional (natural or imitation new phonetic),As well as manually created thesaurus hotkey (CTRL + Words),Mandatory requirements of 是 這都 Tomomichi,Can improve typing efficiency。

Official website:http://chewing.csie.net/
Direct download:http://chewing.csie.net/download/win32/win32-chewing-

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