ZYXEL GS1920-48v2 VLAN / TRUNK set

ZYXEL GS1920-48v2 the VLAN / TRUNK managed to set off with my previous HPE、LINKSYS slightly different,Here to be a record。


[Setting Port 2 As VLAN55 untag]
◎「Advanced Application」-「VLAN」-「VLAN Configuration」-「Static VLAN Setup」
◎ hook “ACTIVE”,Import “Name”,”VLAN Group ID” Import “55”。
◎ Under "Port 2" Select “Fixed”,Uncheck back “Tx Tagging”(This option will be used to set the Tag)。


◎ pulled the screen below press "Add"。


◎「Advanced Application」-「VLAN」-「VLAN Configuration」-「VLAN Port Setup」
◎ In the "Port 2" "PVID" input fields “55”。


◎ pulled below the screen click "Apply"。


[Setting Port 48 For the Trunk – VLAN1 untag(or tag), VLAN55 tag】
◎「Advanced Application」-「VLAN」-「VLAN Configuration」-「Static VLAN Setup」
◎ pulled the bottom screen,Select the default "VID 1"。


◎ confirm "Port 48" is selected “Fixed”,And uncheck behind “Tx Tagging”(This option will be used to set the Tag)。
Press "Add" after the completion ◎。


◎ Also in the "Static VLAN Setup" screen,Hook “ACTIVE”,Import “Name”,”VLAN Group ID” Import “55”。


◎ pulled below the screen in "Port 48" selection “Fixed”,Check the back of the “Tx Tagging”。
Press "Add" after the completion ◎。


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