Window 7 Defender updates appear 0x80070643、8050800C error

Although a long time without using the Windows built-in Windows Defender as a major anti-virus tool,But in the beginning of Windows installed,Always check the version of the tool together when Windows Update。Not sure when to start,In doing Windows Update,Windows Defender will always be out of this error 8050800C,If it is directly open Windows Defender,In the software update check inside to do,It will jump out error 0x80070643。



To resolve this issue,Only to Microsoft The latest release of Windows Defender pageGo to download a version for your platform,After a manual update,Future updates can be normal。A special feature is,After the installation files downloaded,Does not have any windows appear,But in fact the program has been updated in the background silently,Can "Help" from the Windows Defender - the "About" to confirm the version number of the update ratio。Other,Successfully updated,Run Windows Update again it will not happen again Windows Defender Project。



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