Open Excel appears "loading problems that occur during

A while back, encountered a rare problem,Open an excel file,Load problems that occur during "error message,That says "Load error occurred in the following areas: A loss 檔案: http://localhost/excel_files/xxx.htm”。

Originally thought that the excel version is too old and open up,After cross-test,No results Seki excel 卻跟,Instead, the relationship with the operating system。As long as the Windows 7 platform, open the file,This message appears,From XP、2003、2007To 2010 are the same,If you do not have this problem in Windows XP。Most free software,LibreOffice 无法 成功 转换,Only Kingsoft Office can open properly。

After more than one week test,And finally through the installation of "unicode-completion plan" to solve。When installing Windows 7,Due to permission problems,May not be able to through the normal installation,C_950.nls file installation package can be made,Run as Administrator to perform the following batch command:(假设 c_950.nls 放 C:\)

TAKEOWN /F %WINDIR%\System32\C_950.NLS /A

CACLS %WINDIR%\System32\C_950.NLS /E /G Administrators:F

REN %WINDIR%\System32\C_950.NLS C_950.BAK

COPY c:\C_950.NLS %WINDIR%\System32

Open 需重 畢後 complete enforcement,Will be able to solve the problem of open excel。


至于 发生 的 原因,Xls 檔案 factor for non-standard parallel 此檔 應是,But as a web page file,If you use Notepad to open the view,General wording 如同 network reach 會看 page,且提 reach average” This document is a Web archive file”,If you use more than the version IE9,In fact, can also be directly open this file,Just can not switch the sheet,Excel open this file,Need to do a conversion action,Each sheet is a htm file,Htm to be extracted and then thrown into a sheet in excel。If the sheet name is simplified,Then the conversion process,An error message will appear at the beginning of the。

  而Kingsoft Office在這部份卻沒有問題,Open continent 發的 軟體 factor for Shi Shi 此軟 of individual 猜想,In support of the simplified coding will naturally pay attention to。As for the question should be that LibreOffice does not support this Web archive of excel file,So do not even have to open up to open。


    Unicode 2.5-completion plan:c_950.nls檔

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  1. ashin Says |

    I file same problem,
    But my file is not English nor win7。
    You say kingoffice open a blank ...
    To ask you how to solve this.?

    Xie Xie 您

    A similar disparity we 乎跟 狀況 這樣
    I do not know is not the files have damaged
    You can first try IE9 open look

    Anson Reply |

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