Failed test:pdf file conversion software

Recently, because looking for work,Out to organize the college's special report,Word 是 office for reporting 寫 當初,I intend editing to complete convert pdf format,So start looking for can turn into free pdf software。
Initially find on the popular multiplayer Recommended PDFCreator,The same way and the vast majority of the pdf file conversion program,After installing a virtual printer,Select the file will print to the printer can generate pdf file。Noted that the Chinese standard font Times New Roman seems to have burrs when viewing the finished phenomenon,Arial looks a bit uncomfortable,Thus began a series of tests,Including a variety of settings、The core Ghostscript version of the results as well as other software of the same type。


Tried 4、5After the program sets,只有Foxit PDF Creator以及 Writer所轉出來的中文字型沒有毛邊問題,But the other two each has its own shortcomings:The size of the original file is about 1.3MB,而Foxit PDF Creator轉出來的pdf卻高達5.7MB,And no parameters set,In addition,Is a trial version of sake,Top right of each page will have all of the company's imprint; Writer is the compatibility problems with the MS-Word,由Writer開啟doc檔時,The screen layout will be slightly biased out,88 of my report as much,So you want to line-by-line is very time-consuming modifications,Internet to find whether there can skip Writer,Pdf file conversion engine directly,后来 找到 了 一支 国外 的 Java 程式 JOOConverter (现 为 JODConverter),Must be following instructions executed,But the final test results out of the same will be biased away。After trying a variety of solutions for both sets of programs are ineffective,Had to continue to look for other similar tools。


There was a small episode during the test:Halfway to test an idea,Adobe Acrobat 转档 若是 使用,Not know will burrs case? 6.0 Standard 一并 拿来 做 测试,Inmo 沒 special test measurement results,Font perfect with Foxit and Writer,However, because of the Acrobat software to pay,So I had to keep looking and all kinds of testing。

  後來測試到BullZip PDF Printer時出現一個怪現象,Product formation at the start of one 檢視,邊情 shape hair 確實,But they presented an open perfectly submissive Chinese fonts,I originally thought previously vertigo,One unbiased 啟 resume 掉 就關 於是,At this point font appeared burr up! It made me notice the impact of program review。Review the results of the above programs are all done through Foxit Reader,Effects of expression as a measure test results 檢視 受到 是 front capital 如果 consciousness throughout 這邊 old measure throughout,I do not become great efforts white Swiss scientist Bernoulli ~。Therefore, immediately decided to do the verification Adobe Reader,至于 版本 的 选择,More people to use the version originally intended to select,But I also do not have time to investigate which version everyone,Casually grab a person to ask (yes S-sir),He is the eighth edition,So they go to download the latest 8.1 do than。Than the result of the very weak,檢視程式果真佔有十足的影響,Although they are still a flash,But far from obvious,Almost can omit this small flaw。


Do not want to be here, I've also do not need to do the test,Above to test more than 13 software,兩天 吧 了 mostly flower time,This did not intend to PO,City flower natural time after completion 說既 來想,The results show put out when a record chant! The following are the test results for each of the software:

Foxit PDF Creator
Text perfect,The top right of each page will appear a text message,Files considerable

PDFCreator Writer
Text perfect,Typesetting will run away


CutePDF Writer

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard
Text perfect,Purchase cost 需付 軟體

Doro PDF Writer

Text perfect,Symbol error


Text display perfect,距被 拉開 between,Akira Akira lawless congregation 示新 more

Go2PDF(Virtual PDF Printer)
Yes another form information 點特 這套,中文字型在Foxit Reader可以正常閱讀,但是在Adobe Reader卻出現問題,In addition, bottom of each page will have text message

BullZip PDF Printer

In fact, I had in mind burrs problem does not appear in the case of a larger view! ,Take to test differences of each software。

Part of test results for settings changes I no PO,Because the output does not change,It contains the following circumstances:

  • PDFCreator 预设 解析度 为 600dpi,Measured before 1200、2400And 4800dpi
  • PDFCreator 0.9.3內嵌的Ghostscript為8.54,Also tried 8.60
  • PDFCreator 压缩 字型 与否
  • Ghostscript使用Windows內建字型與否
  • Ghostscript安裝中日韓TrueType字型與否
  • PrimoPDF 预设 为 300dpi,High resolution over gray 嘗試



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  1. Jan Says |

    Find here via a search looking for free to PDF software
    Admire the patience you measured style
    Toru 經驗 minute 你的 Xie Xie
    But, 哪 for election last one 款呢 你是?

  2. Passing 1 Says |

    Your test is very good,But the problem is I met graphic printing,Also made a lot of comparison,Results are not ideal,Not the resolution is not enough,That is, color is not correct、Edge is not sharp, etc.。

  3. An over-tract Says |

    PDF Creator使用中常會有檔案轉檔後,訊息 issues emergence mistake on a later article 畫面 轉檔 在 comparable success 轉 not comparable deposits 檔案 發現 覽時,Files and file conversion becomes big problem,Way how needed resolution 嗎 您知 請問?

  4. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I am currently the company unified PDF Creator
    In addition to stability,Yes 授權 problem throughout consideration feedback
    However, because the functional relationship,Recently took Bullzip to trial
    As Bullzip built-merge function,Also is a relatively common

  5. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Have tried to adjust the drawing format compression set it?

  6. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I have not encountered problems,I do not quite understand where you call Preview to see?

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