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Writing Blog posts,Usually have to go through layers of checkpoints in order to reach the background edit page,Procedure is quite complicated,In press "publish" on the occasion of the preparation is completed,Passed back is "404 pages",Psychological suddenly appear lines may enrich,For these reasons,,There was the idea of ​​using offline editing software to write articles。When beginning a trial of Microsoft's Windows Live Writer,'m Looking forward to the original software distribution function,But later learned did not support the sky tribal,One came 這麼,Just use Word document editing program like no different。In fact,A small potential ordinary world affairs 內服 kingdom kingdom of external assistance required equation,So I had to give up the idea of ​​offline editing。After some times inadvertently see friends recommended this program ScribeFire,Looked Description,衝著它是Firefox的Add-ons,Retry the primary decision,ScribeFire同樣的無法支援天空部落,But I saw the convenience unmatched by other editing software!


Install ScribeFire after,One small 圖示 Shimoide bottom 會在 Firefox,At any time,As long as there is inspiration or ideas,Click the icon to look at,You can proceed to write job,And in writing at the same time,There is still half a page so that you can simultaneously browsing action,Click the Archive button complete article,That title will be named Archive。This ultra-efficient use,I can write whenever,Do not have to time to complete a theme,Can be written only for some、An idea,Even just write a few keywords。Wrote half when inspiration suddenly disappear,Do not have to force myself to think about or hard breaking,Save articles,For another day to come back to complete。This Caprice that is written convenience,I do not care is not able to use the other features of the publication is!


Several articles in recent content more than ever,In addition to their own ideas to change the outside,ScribeFire is one hero。Had the idea to write,Inspiration gone will be archived,No longer make their hasty ending。Some may feel that this is no different with the use of Word,But the actual use is completely different feeling,Often produce some inspiration or ideas in browsing,One under par 點擊 smooth mouse movement required only 這時,Osamu 錄 start than on horseback 就可,Even pages do not switch;If using other editing programs such as Word,May have to shrink the window to click shortcuts,Run programs like look,Settings and files you want to archive it all the storage location once named work,Small operating force 碎的 很瑣 是 來都 Nursing 這些,But often it is these small actions hindered us the motivation to write。


Rated prose hamlet 寫 來撰 ScribeFire for several 乎都 our current,The ScribeFire list while there are quite a few themes,Record are made by my emotions,Future will be released on the blog。This writing habits so that I can complete record ideas,But also to improve the writing efficiency,Therefore strongly recommend it to everyone。

Supplementation:If the preview copy editing mode or text,Article inexplicable half-spaces,Therefore recommend the text to copy the source mode!

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