Allow FortiClient to be pingable after connecting via SSL VPN

   After working at home,Various new problems and needs gradually emerge。Our original VPN architecture,The office side cannot ping to the VPN Client side,Because there is no related demand,However, some colleagues recently reported that after connecting through VPN,The FedEx system can no longer be used,It is guessed that the server side of the FedEx system has a connection request to the client side.,The VPN can’t allow him to connect in the reverse direction and cause problems,So let’s study how to turn it on。


   Tested several settings,Finally, by adding a Policy (policy) Resolution,Add a set of SSL VPN policies to Lan,It should be noted that NAT function should be turned off,Originally, NAT must be turned on for Lan to SSL VPN,I don’t know if it’s because my Lan is connected to multiple network segments。


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