HP Server iLO4很慢

Two years ago bought an HP ProLiant Server,This is the first installation of the system on their own servers HP(In the past are buying IBM),The first time you use iLO,Many feel than the IBM ServerGuide mechanism to facilitate,At least I do not have the Internet to search for ServerGuide download version and burn, etc.,But there seems to slow the process of discovery operations a little unusual,Because it is the first time iLO,Plus regular follow-up is also put into the OS,They did not re-study。

A few days before going to see some even into the iLO system information,Slow to find some really outrageous,Each click on an option,Will pause lasts more than 1 minute,Finally, when you want to modify the iLO IP,But the situation can not be written appear,Then before deciding on my iLO is problematic。上網查詢後,Original manual has referred to this issue,Only need to enter the BIOS to reset the iLO,After resetting the reaction time of each screen is about 20 seconds or less,Finally some of the more normal。

iLO4 Reset(reset)the way:

  1. Boot press F9,Enter System Utilities。
  2. Sequentially select "System Settings" - "iLO 4 Configuration Utility」-「Reset iLO」。

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