Http File Server

  Http File Server為一超簡易方便的檔案分享軟體,Vessel construction work completed 檔案 伺服 就 Click several pieces 單單 簡簡,The following examples illustrate to。

完成Http File Server的安裝後,In more than one context menu "Add to HFS" option

Right-click to select the "Add to HFS" to join to share the list front to share files or directories

In general,Do not need to do what setting,Just click the top left corner of the "Open" action to complete the share

Click Browse to view the shared page,Or enter your own IP address directly in your browser

Can not seem to select multiple files to share the list (I used version 2.0)
But I have to throw all the files to the same directory,Then choose to share directory to solve this problem


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