GIMP plug go back Resynthesizer / Heal-Selection

GIMP has a strong "go back / go figure / object to" plug-in – 「Resynthesizer / Heal-Selection」,Often see interesting effects just like retouching photos Mobile01,The characters removed。Use very simple,Probably just going to deal with the drawing objects,Then select "Filter" - "mapping" - "Resynthesizer",Will automatically help you to get rid of the items,And the effect quite stick。The figure below shows the results of capture on GIMP forum for reference。


Installation follows:
◎ to ""Download plug-in file compression。


◎ Copy the unzipped files to the following path:


◎ open GIMP,Each filter effects can be found in the following locations:
"Filter" - "mapping" - "Resynthesizer"
"Filter" - "improvement" - "Heal-Selection"



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