Fortigate SSL VPN disconnects every eight hours

   When I was working at home recently,Discovered that SSL VPN is disconnected every eight hours,Connect to Fortigate to view settings,Only find the option of "Idle Forced Logout",And his default value happens to be 28,800 Second (8hour),So first treat it as an equipment show,This setting was applied by mistake,But after changing this setting,But it will still be disconnected in eight hours。


use “28800” After making keywords to search,Turns out there is another SSL VPN “auth-timeout” Hidden settings,And the default value is also 28,800 Second。To modify this setting,Modifications can only be made by commands through the CLI。

sh vpn ssl settings
# 可先透過此指令查看既有 SSL VPN 設定。
# 預設應該不會顯示 auth-timeout,
# 未設定 auth-timeout 將以 28,800 秒作用。

config vpn ssl settings
# 進入 SSL VPN 設定。

set auth-timeout 43200
# 可視需求調整時間。

# 務必輸入此指令才會儲存並結束。


After    is completed, you can re-enter the CLI interface to confirm whether the setting value has been successfully set。



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