Today is Friday,That is vacation days,Logically speaking from getting started is easy and pleasant mood respect,But so far,The mood is getting boring。

I get up in the morning,Have shares inexplicable fatigue,Like last night, like insomnia。When the noon meal,Hands are due to work the morning scouring the residual oil flavor,So no appetite,Just eat lunch on the back bedroom。Pm after work to leave offices,With an Executive goodbye,Because he will be trained to go outside,Will not be back until the end of May,By then I was almost retired it! Executive is also considered friendship with fine,So also some dismay, A kind of sense of loss。Back home at night,Liza with Niang told me the two were unpleasant things,Suddenly feeling stuffy up,At this time,Computer's foobar2000 just shuffle to Bobby Chen's "sorrow for themselves.",When the song had caught,Grandmother just died,So whenever I hear this song will always produce an a sense of sadness。

Now,All mood,With all the ups and downs of the melody of the song,Everything unhappiness,Just at the moment the full release。於是,I am coming up,Up dumped rubbish in my heart,Up key out of my mood。I thought,For me,This is the "Battle-forum" function of the maximum,Is not it?

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