Avoid the folder view settings revert to default

Before this problem has been bothering me,I'm used to the view of all folders set to "list",Exception of a few directories except,Such as "My Pictures" I will set the thumbnail,But after each set,Over time, will be back into the list view mode,How to resolve nursing information arrives after the e-duster 於在 來終,The article titled "reboot,Do not want the folder view settings revert to default,該怎 麼辦? ,Occur because in the art, there referred to "Windows default will only record 200 local folders and 200 network data folder,A total of 400 folders view settings。When the clip is more than the number of data records,舊的檢視設定就會被刪除,Recovery into the system, the default view,To increase the number of records folder,Need to adjust to the registry values ​​associated,Methods as below:

1.EDIT Catalogue of open bowl 啟登:"Execution" - "Start",输入 "regedit"

2.在左邊的樹枝狀目錄找到「HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell」,BagMRU Size "key on the right, there would be,Turning it into a larger number,But do not change over 8000,Suggested a change like the 1000 ~ 3000。

2. Next, click on the bottom of the "ShellNoRoam" registry,一样 更改 "BagMRU Size" 机 码,As usual, the largest not change over 8000。If you do not see, then this machine code,Can also manually add the same name the DWORD key,And set to the number you want。After setting reboot, Re-adjust the folder view settings and you're done。

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