Give me the game,The rest of discussion

Yesterday GVO (Age of Discovery) fishing skills have been tapping the top (15),All of a sudden did not target,Makes GVO gives me pleasure suddenly dropped,So they Paoqu Wan Madge,But the feeling is still to taste。After playing for a long time GVO today,Still can not find a goal to pursue,They shut the game,Information on the Internet to see what other games…..

Soldier than most anticipated holiday,If this expectation becomes meaningless,That would be a very sad thing…

Since this time,Have been looking for games to make their fans,As is the "look"。Whether in the military is boring、Dull or when Yuzu,If we can expect things to think about hearts,Adjust their mood,It definitely had a much better day。

Ah ~ seems to be at a dead end
Goes a,To positive thinking !!

Recently, the "look":
Morrow should have learned brother want to report a,Wow ha ha ha ha ~ Shun wow A new,A race against the wow friends ~ ha ha ha ha

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  2. starsheep Says |

    你把事情都給他們做就好囉 =3=

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