Environmentally friendly products - Pu British public green removable toilet paper

Recently toilet paper related to the search for environmentally friendly products in environmentally friendly products check website,After filtering out the brand in general made easier path,Pu British public decided to use this brand to try。

Prior to this have never heard of this brand,Just search the Internet,Pu British public discovered the product is actually not too upset,Seems to have good circulation in the market for some time,I personally purchased at RT,Trial has been nearly two months,The advantages and disadvantages are listed below:

1.Inexpensive:RT-Mart launched its own brand but also environmentally friendly toilet paper,The two models of the same brand comparison,Pu British public talk about buying a little bit cheaper。

2.soluble in water:That is, directly thrown into the toilet,Significantly reduce the amount of waste toilet。Personally, I was a little worried,For insurance purposes,He still did a small experiment,Tuo toilet paper stuffed three to 2000cc of PET bottles,Then upside down and let the water out,The results of toilet paper really easily flow out of plastic bottles that little hole。Currently has more than a month into the toilet,Blockage situation does not occur。

3.Packaging can be used as garbage bags:There are product(Pink Packaging)The outer bag can be used as the new Taipei-specific garbage bags,Really quite environmentally friendly。

1.Coarse texture:Under normal circumstances,Wiping the less there will be an uncomfortable feeling,But if the day had run two or three times more diarrhea,It will rub a little pain。

Based on the above experience,Quite recommend this product,It is also a lot of paths can be achieved,Hope more and more people join the ranks of environmentally friendly products。

With talk:RT-Mart had previously thought the more do the more own-brand products,At present, the brand is cheaper but the quality is not good,I do not know that they have not considered environmental protection cut from this direction,Create a different brand image,After all, environment-related products is fairly small number,Therefore quite happy to see time RT-Mart introduced environmentally friendly toilet paper,Later have the opportunity to try again。

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