From 1 billion light-years to 0.1 meter fly

This is inadvertently saw a very exciting topic!

10Billion light years,What is a concept?

    光年,Distance light travels in a year。The speed of light! It is recognized as the speed limit,299,792,458 meters per second,Can be halfway around the world seven times in the blink of an eye。What to see,Light on so fast,Let him run!,Run a year,The amount of a light-year is the distance out of the。Now you move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen,Point "Start" - "Programs" - "Subsidiary app" - "small thinking",Have to calculate it Yourself,This year was 31,536,000 seconds,One second run 299,792,458 meters,Take out on 9,454,254,955,488,000 meters,It is approximately equal to ten trillion kilometers。what did you say,Simply astronomical? Nonsense,Digital on astronomy course was astronomical friends ~~~~~ but this is only just one light year length。

    When we see stars billions of light years beyond,Catches our eye beam of starlight has been flying in the eternal universe billions of years。in other words,We now see is just the way it is billions of years before! Now it how we only have to wait to see billions of years ......

    Generally considered the birth of the universe 15 billion years now。Therefore, the diameter of the widest space, we might only be observed in the 15 billion light-years this range。150Light billion light-years away is when we have seen across the universe 15 billion years,That was the birth of the universe images! ! !

This figure is below the observable universe at 10 billion light years of such magnitude,Things each pixel point above the performance of the very old are far。

1Billion light years,現在我們把視野縮小10倍,宇宙看起來還是空空如也,"Star" little light。可是,那些點點斑斑的真的是星星嗎?


100萬光年,近些,Up close。what,這麼面熟?這就是你所說的“星星”嗎?是星星,A bunch of stars。We call it the Milky Way。

10萬光年,這是銀河系,Our homes。

    At 10 million light-years of such magnitude,We saw the entire Milky Way。Actually,The diameter of the Milky Way is one hundred thousand light-years。Which really have to invent a spaceship with the speed of light while fast,從銀河系的這邊飛到對 面來個大吊角,就要十萬年的時間!在這樣漫長的旅程來看,人生不過朝生暮死,Ephemera general。But this is only relative to a stationary observer in terms of the Milky Way,Personnel on board feel the journey is actually only a few minutes。


    If the Galaxy as a huge flat plate,We should be on the plane is in this flat plate。Otherwise, if it is not so,我們高於或低於它,那麼看到的夜空就會顯得一半亮一半暗,而不是象現在這樣銀河光帶般亙在天幕中,Comparative stars evenly distributed on both sides of the。

    In fact modern studies have reached this conclusion:Our solar system at the edge of the flap inside the spiral galaxy,About 25,000 light-years from the galactic center。於是,我們把視野收回到1萬光年的數量級,Several focusing coil-like antenna wing above a galaxy。







100億公里,Ten times larger than observed in the solar background stars。Said to be the stars,In fact, the sun and the nearest star - Proxima Centauri is 4.22 light-years away in。The figure highlights just get rid a background from the stars of it,Not part of the solar system。

10億公里,數數看,The following figure is on track who framed the blue circle? water、gold、...... turned out to be the Earth's orbit ah!


1000萬公里,哦呦~~~大圈套小圈呢,Moon's orbit around the earth。


10萬公里,是地球!Home,Sweet home。

1萬公里,用一萬公里的視野看地球,This is God's perspective。

1000公里,這是北美五大湖區中的密西根湖,Framing the city of Chicago。

100公里,Aerial view of Chicago。And thus began we humans can understand the magnitude,Started our familiar world。

10公里,密密麻麻,房屋,Lake house。





10公分,Our hands can grasp the scale。I believe most are in contact with the human body in such an order of magnitude。Look around you.,keyboard、mouse、Cell phone、cup、bowl……

1公分,This is his wrinkled hand detail。be prepared,We are about to enter another unfamiliar territory - the microscopic world。

1公釐,The hands of the pores。

100微米,再放大十倍,Faintly visible organizational structure of the skin。

10微米,一個細胞的數量級就是10微米,Of course this is only general。


0.1微米,chromosome。Where human cells,Which will have 23 pairs of chromosomes (46)。

100埃,埃是一種長度單位,It refers to a power meter 10 -10。With the letter "A" added on top of the small circles represent。100Egypt will be able to measure the magnitude of some of the organic macromolecular substances。See the double helix equidistantly rule,I think you will be able to blurt out。Yes,這種物質就叫做去氧核糖核酸,That is often said DNA。The molecular structure is clearly visible。

1奈米,We -9 tube called a power meter 10 nm。

    Materials science now so hot that is a lot of nanotechnology to fine nanoscale materials will not show on a regular order of magnitude to the nature of the performance of many。In such a magnitude nano,We can not even count the atoms in the。Therefore,Nanoscale called atomic level。

 下圖是組成DNA分子的原子們,They are covalently bonded and hydrogen bonded to each other to a large organic molecules。Life in this complex combination be reflected。


 下圖中所表示的是密佈的電子雲,We can see the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus more concentrated。

    The so-called electron cloud,其實並不是說一個原子擁有無數個電子,Like a cloud of diffuse round。Each atom number of electrons are fixed has,有數的,Depending on the kind of specific elements。These electronic erratic movements,Scurrying outside the nucleus。An electronic,Numerous bodies of law。Put these electronic "round and round" character to describe the electron cloud。Away from the chance of appearing near nuclear bigger,Cloud will close;The chance of a place far away from the nucleus smaller,Clouds will dilute。


    Dense electron cloud surrounding the nucleus。If back the limitless universe。It can be seen each atom like a small universe,我們的世界就這樣的周而復始著……


 穿過最濃的電子雲,Find places closer to nuclear clean hand。The original far enough away to attract,離得近了也會排斥呢,To maintain an optimum distance to do。what? You said electronic negative,原子核陽性,異性相吸,應該越近核越密才對?別逗了!真要那樣越近越吸,越吸越近,電子還不都撞到核上去,最後誰也動彈不得!

Spot at the box diagram is the nucleus。


 走近點,This is the legend of the atomic nucleus。10-12 power meter is called a pico。Under orders of magnitude 0.1 picometre see the nucleus can be seen by a number of balls,They are positively charged protons and neutrons uncharged。

10飛米,Nuclei close-up。

1飛米(10的-15次方米), 質子(也可能是中子)的細部,A large mess。Unknown structure,未知的領域,There belongs to God。


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