Friendly Environment Shopping Platform-Youxin Butcher Shop

[Youxin Meat Shop]
A conscience shop that only sells conscience goods | Production and sales resume meat、Aquatic products、Egg specialty store

– Only sell Taiwanese products。
– The operator is a veterinarian,Personally check,And attach great importance to production and sales history。
– Buy one get one free every Wednesday。
– Log in every day to get one yuan worth of points,There is also a collection of points with the walking money exchange app。

– full 1,500 free shipping。
– Can specify date and two time periods。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Kunmu black pig sausage    (Rare grazing pig)
– Kunmu black pork cartilage steak  (Rare grazing pig)
– Pure blood cattle      (Taiwanese beef)
– Go to stab the goldfish      (The Only Seen Destab Golden Pomfret)
– Yulai Mushroom      (Very special ingredients)

Recommended products (the reason):
– Kunmu black pig products                (Rare grazing pig)
– Moon put mountain chicken _ skinless breast/inner muscle/ whole chicken cuts/   (Grazing chicken、The price is relatively cheap)
– Golden eye perch to stab and cut into pieces              (good to eat、Go thorn、Relatively cheap fish species)
– Noon fish       (Ecological farming、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– Only bean oil                  (Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Frozen green broccoli(Rare Taiwanese native frozen broccoli)


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