Environmentally Friendly Products – Growmood mouthwash

   My wife has a habit of virtue,I am not using mouthwash,I used to think that after he rinsed his mouth,,The potion smells very strong,Later, I saw a Growmood mouthwash,Emphasize that the raw materials are all extracted from plants,After discussing with my wife,I decided to buy some and try it out。


  After using herbal mouthwash with my wife,Very good reviews,Feel a faint scent,No irritation,The feeling of staying in the mouth after rinsing is not uncomfortable,So I plan to continue using it in the future。I feel that this product does not seem to be advertised,So I want to recommend adding and subtracting to write an article。


Other,His bottle is made of metal,For me who want to add and subtract,Is also an advantage,But the measuring cup is still made of plastic,And one bottle is attached,Did you think about the big can?,And there is no need to attach so many measuring cups,The manufacturer informed that because this is designed to be convenient to carry when going out,So only 100ml,The measuring cup can be used in the next purchase,Directly inform without attaching,For your reference。



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