IE out of "your Windows system has been corrupted," Win Erx03

Recently the company every day 1-3 computers when using IE,Will pop up "your Windows system has been corrupted" error message,After confirming the computer was not poisoned,Just could not clarify why this page will pop up a fake,And has a different computer on a daily basis。


Then finally learned the reason users via share,Killer ad pages from MSN News,There are specific ad with malicious grammar,Causing the user when opening its MSN home page, or browse news,Will pop up "your Windows system has been corrupted," the fake page。


Therefore, in addition to IE's home User notification outer rid,MSN web pages may be temporarily blocked,As well as several addresses below: (此網址會有部份變動)



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  1. rain Says |

    I was wondering did any foreign Related Articles,Taiwan's MSN Web site it loose

    I think all countries should be separate ad,It may only be available on the website MSN advertising Taiwan。

    Anson Reply |

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