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Priority use of physical memory to speed up system speed

This instruction is to make the system at the time of execution,Priority to physical memory as the main staging area,However, although easy to use virtual memory,But there is no physical access speed of execution and faster memory,This is also the reason because of the hard disk object properties,So if your physical memory space is large enough (recommended is 512MB or more),Then you may wish to try this setting,It can reduce the waiting time of your Windows XP when performing work spent。

step 1:After turn on regedit,進入①〔HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE〕→〔SYSTEM〕→〔〕 CurrentControlSet→ 〔Control〕→〔Session Manager〕→〔Memory Management〕,Changes "in the window on the right will ②DisablePagingExecutive" right to select the value "。
Step 2:In the "Edit DWORD" window in the "Value data" value is changed from the default 01。之後按下﹝確定﹞→Effective until after reboot。
Tips:DWORD in which 0 to disable this feature,And one is open,If you want to disable this feature,In accordance with the original path to be changed from 1 to 0。


Clear memory with less than a DLL file

The so-called DLL file can be seen as an executable file,It allows the program to perform special work sharing,The required code and other resources。The DLL often appear to .dll or .exe file extension file extension;If a program is started,One of the DLL file is missing or damaged,You may see an error message that the system "can not find XXX.dll",Serious and even cause the operating system can not boot properly。

Nonetheless,Computer memory space but also often occupied DLL files,For example,When we visit certain Web sites,IE browser will automatically load related DLL files,When we switched to another page to browse,These DLL files still remain in the memory of,As long as the memory of the DLL files accumulate the more,Space will be getting smaller,Thus affecting the system's operational efficiency。In order to prevent this from happening,We can clear the memory through a DLL function,Let IE browser automatically cleared when you close the memory of the DLL file,Let IE can each use a new look。

Steps:Start Registry Editor,①進入〔HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE〕→〔SOFTWARE〕→〔Microsoft〕→〔Windows〕→ 〔Current Version〕→「Explorer」。② Click on "Explorer" project,Right "Add" DWORD value,The name is set to "AlwaysUnloadDLL",And the value is set to [1] DWORD。

Let the liquid crystal display screen fonts look better

With the growing popularity of LCD screen,Almost the majority of people would choose LCD screen is equipped as standard with a computer,But you know,After using the LCD screen,Originally displayed text XP system it will become blurred,In addition to adjusting the screen resolution outside,Microsoft is also for this issue in Windows XP built-in a "Clear Type" display technology,This technology can help you smooth the edges of fonts,And fonts that appear on the screen more clearly look good。

step 1:In the desktop Right click on an empty space,And select the "Content"。
Step 2:From the "appearance" page,點選﹝效果﹞。
Step 3:Check the "Use the following ways to make the screen font smoothing the edges.",And select "ClearType" in the drop-down menu,按下﹝確定﹞。


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