VMware Converter is installed in the final jump 0X8007054F error

Today, try a Windows Server 2008 When Datacenter install VMware Converter,In the final stages of completion, but fast jump 0X8007054F error,Tried 4.0、5.5、6.0、6.2 Version,The results are the same。



Later in the Official KB There find instructions,The Executive regsvr32 mfc90.dll,But after I finished the implementation of this Directive,Can not find the specified module will pop up a message。


If that does not work mentioned KB,To re-install Microsoft “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package”,I have installed x86 and x64 After version,Jump instruction execution still wrong,VMware Converter installation is the same mistakes jump out 0X8007054F。


After the Server after a reboot,VMware Converter successfully loaded into the (regsvr32 mfc90.dll will still jump wrong)。



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