這是Seednet推出的一個新服務—ShareMe,I feel quite good,Currently regarded as a test with the promotion period,Very special way to promote,Through everyone's MSN to advertise。

After registration there 2G space,In addition to its own download,The same can be shared with people who have an account to download。if you are willing to,MSN Avatar changed with a personal message to the ad text that he wants "free unlimited network drive run:」維持一個月,He will give you the space 10G。

Not logged in within half a year locked account,But will not cut the file,The file is permanently retained,So to re-login enabled account can continue to use the,Directed at this point too suitable brought backup! But it also permanent free。My hard drive twice before hanging,乎全 沒了 several materials,It has been in one after another to find a suitable network space to do backup,I thought maybe ShareMe will be my final place to stay!

Interested can go to apply for,Recommended place if you wish, you can fill in my account:lijohnson @ seed dot net dot tw (”Point”Formation 請改”.”),This will allow me to get 1G of space:)

  沒有Seednet帳號的話,Need to apply for a Seednet account,To apply ShareMe account。Application Seednet account is somewhat similar to MSN,You can go to get your existing mail application,Incidentally, you can also apply for a mail @ of。

Incidentally,Seednet以前信箱要收費,Now free,有500MB(Seednet寬頻用戶有2G),Particular mention is they do to block spam just fine (Do not take Yahoo than,It is a kind of insult),And prepared to receive soon,I refer to the,Osamu arrive on 以馬 乎可 after several local output signal of how 當對,Sent from abroad,Unless the other server delay,So if you do not like the existing mailbox,With a look at the way you can apply for a。

Seednet mail only drawback is that the mail in the mailbox only to save six months,So I now practice received external use Seednet,Then use the Gmail POP past。


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