Check the space usage of your Synology NAS

Some time ago, the Synology NAS had a few TB less space,Later, according to official teaching,Connect to the system via SSH to view,Only found out that it was the trial CloudStation directory,Generated a huge amount of data,Because it's just a trial,The function does not meet my needs,Later it was removed,And manually remove the hidden @cloudstation folder。


The operation method is as follows:

◎ Enter DSM's "Control Panel"-"Terminal & SNMP」,Tick ​​[Enable SSH function]。


◎ Use SSH to connect to NAS,And enter the instruction:

  sudo -i  #   切換以 root 登入。    cd /volume1  #   將目錄 (資料夾) 切換到 /volume1。您也可以將 /volume1 改成其他欲檢查的目錄 (資料夾)。    du -h -d1  #   列出該目錄下的子資料夾及各項目所占用的儲存空間使用量。  #   -h 表示 Human readable。  #   -d1 僅查詢一層。   #   使用 du 指令計算儲存空間使用量可能需要一段時間。    


◎ If you want to delete the directory that takes up space,Take @cloudstion as an example

  rm -rf ./@cloudstion  



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