acer S5-371-50VC laptop wireless network instability

A colleague acer S5-371-50VC laptop wifi have been less stable,Previously tried updated drivers and other closing Bluetooth wireless device,Still no improvement,Later, the company changed the enterprise-class wireless AP,This bit unstable colleagues and reaction Wi-Fi,Especially when meeting,Go to the test,Finally find out why。


When beginning a colleague went to the seat ping test,Everything is normal,After going to get into the conference room,To see how the situation will,I did not expect it to pick up after NB,wifi began instability,The situation appeared ping timeout,After testing a few times back and forth,Found that when I unplugged the power transformer,Internet immediately become unstable,And time-tested,So the next test will begin for NB power saving features。


First I tried to close the "Device Manager" in,Network card in the "Power Management" "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option,But the problem remains after the test。Then I went to console "Change advanced power settings.",Finally to find the murderer,In the advanced settings of the wireless network card project,There are the following four modes can be selected:

  • Highest performance
  • Low power
  • Moderate saving
  • The height of power

In the default settings acer S5-371-50VC,NB In the "battery" status is set”The height of power”,The "general power" status is set”Highest performance”,Then I will "Battery use" also changed”Highest performance”Do the test,Sure enough, to solve the problem of instability after unplug the power will。After I tried for”Low power”and”Moderate saving”do a test,As there will be instability problems,That's wifi NB this does not allow you to do any saving settings,Otherwise, he would break it to you。


In fact, earlier in the procedure have found that this measure of NB's wifi signal seemed inherently weak point,Because in the case of the test on,I'm another one of the same laptop acer, When the reaction is about 2ms ping ,The acer S5-371-50VC reaction time is in about 4ms。The test results are quite unexpected that I,In the past never thought power save mode and wireless network signal will be stable association,But this idea is to provide a new test my direction,Rewarding。

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