7-zip,A free software community users are aware,Will come up today to recommend that for single one of its functions from。

My personal habits in terms of,I have two requirements for compression software:Support self-segmentation file、unpack exe(msi) file。When the previously published article ALZip,Several sets of test compression / decompression program,7-zip in part is to use the latest stable version 4.42,This version supports self、Also supports split,But that does not support self-segmentation,Exe files for the package can not be solved;Although ALZip can not unlock the exe package,But it can support self-segmentation,After the two-phase expedient measure,Chosen to use ALZip。

7-zip at 8/3 when the official release version 4.52 beta,In the revision notes,赫然看見「7-Zip now can unpack Compound files (msi, doc, …)The words "in,Immediately download trial,The results indeed correct unlock exe package file。

We may wonder why I really wanted this feature,In fact, this is thanks to the gift of the major software providers,Many software will be packaged into an installer executable file,So when you execute it,Natural to do a unpack action,Then it will unpack to where? Sometimes C trough,Sometimes desktop,Sometimes the program will automatically determine the most available space in a hard disc to store。當然,If after the installation program will help us clean up,That he would not want us to worry about where to store the,But worse,Some software simply whether these temporary files,Bahrain put temporary files left there,Over time down,Drive on a lot more inexplicable scratch directory。At early stages,These temporary files are the default directory or account under Windows temp directory,One came 這麼,We also need to clean up on a regular basis to,But things are different now,Are likely to appear anywhere,This is very nerve-racking,Temporary file when you do not know there is no program to help us clean up the installation。Therefore,We train Ryo one habit,In such package of exe files,I will first manually unpack before proceeding with the installation work。

Currently 4.55 beta has been released (9/5),The same does not support the self-split file。Other,The official Chinese website has not been updated for a long time seems to,Last update also remain at last year's 8/14,Cause when I last tested mistaken 7-zip has gradually developed not in,7-zip and later saw the beta release in other sites,To find an updated version in English page and SourceForge.net。


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