2006On the last day

Today is the last day of 2006,I believe many people are looking forward to the evening of New Year's Eve events,And I do ~ positive side typing while waiting for closing off

Reviewing…..This year the day 3/4 is spent in the military,So what seems to be no good review of。They say the army will change a person's mind,I think so too,But think about it,They can not tell me what has changed,Because I almost forgot I am a soldier in front of the kind of person。A password is in the military action,Do not really need to think about the action,So often people say that the army will make you stupid,indeed so。After the troops under,Because of the special relationship which the unit,Our work with other units of the contents of a considerable difference,Some are more able to arrange their own time,Just under two months before the troops took a lot of books to see,At that time every 1、2Week of watching a,Then slowly increase service,Read a book four months have not read。A while ago, and a retired officer in the pre-chat,He is a top student at National Taiwan University,It should be alert to prepare for the exam of the Institute,But so far,I have no specific action,Ah…To review!

Tomorrow is the 2007,Last year at the moment,I still turn borrowed library books research topics it! Year,No matter what is happening,Or do something,I think this is not the most important,It is important in this time of the year,How many people actually grow,How much has changed!

Not been immune to a New Year's Resolutions:

  • Family good health、Safe and happy,Younger sister give birth safely and smoothly
  • Everything can have good results
  • Success in peace to veterans

2 Responses

  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    The current tendency is to bring the book to see the bureau
    Also went on vacation to read words,Hard to do it!
    Think back to last week after,Research on the topic is what happened the year before,Time off really fast,Has been for two years

  2. starsheep Says |

    happy New Year!!
    Get together in the class have to test it with people who go to school XD

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