Computer Shutdown Day

Saturday, when,See the article "newspaper reported in Para3May 24,Computer Shutdown Day。I,To do it?"Old Articles,Generally say such an event abroad,Call us at 3/24 when the computer shuts down one day,As demands behind is unknown。

Although this year's event has been a,The next event date is in next year's 3/28,But still made me want to try to see an idea,Not to say that had not done it before,But I am a little curious,For me such a heavy computer users who,Under the circumstances there is no reason not to use computers,Anything at all that would happen?

So,On the next day,便開始實行My Shutdown Day,The following lists the day's record

  • AM 07:00 get up,See Wang tournament
  • AM 10:00Watching a movie (forget Which a)
  • PM 12:00After lunch,Lack of sleep feeling,Went to catch up on sleep,I did not expect this to sleep and sleep through 4:30
  • PM 05:00After eating,Off to see "The Book Thief" in the room
  • PM 08:00Bored into the living room to watch TV,During watched Discovery、Animal Planet、Saving Private Ryan
  • AM 02:30Toilet after bedtime

The total summed down,The results of this experiment,Most of the time I gave a TV,Even so I stay up all night sleep。It seems if there is no advance planning is good,Similar activities that this seems to me to not help much with it。

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