Slows down the culprit

Recently more and more slow speed always feel Blog,Originally thought that the sky is the Yam tribe factor,After carefully observed every website open to the field "Blog observation" will be paused,This meal can sometimes also for 3 seconds,They realized JavaScrip at work。

Each statistical version of "Blog observation" offers two ways to link Jieyou,One for JavaScrip,Another version of the image。Did not know which to use,Later, in a very childish reasons to decide to use JavaScrip version,That is, "JavaScrip compare Cock",Just did not think this would cause future burden Cock。But Ye Hao,Also considered a learned experience,Not gain a lesson Well,Has now been changed to replace the original version of the image JavaScript version Hello!

4 Responses

  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    In addition,Sky counters sometimes delay oh ~
    But I browse your Blog,Yeah speed is also OK!

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    Haha ~ was found

  3. tomoya92 Says |

    For this reason there are over ~ ~ ~ I do not know which one I ==

  4. starsheep Says |

    Incumbent said what sky slow space
    Your problem is simply the result XD Well

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