Reading Season II


Contact before the end of the "incredible" this book,Opened my school career,Prior to this,I do not have the habit of reading,Even very exclusive。(See:Reading season

At the end of the first,Inadvertently discovered blog come with Kingstone will be the best-selling book in the past year or celebrities recommended books sorted out,I then spent two、Three days to pick from hundreds of book I want to see,Recorded in my MSN Blog,Then slowly one after another after the purchase of view。At that time, just started reading contacts,Extremely strong thirst for knowledge,That is probably more than eighty chose this,Was I being fans of books and a new era of spiritual classes,Two types of light which accounted for about one-third。Later in March the army,This would only buy a dozen interrupted,It was not until some time next troops,More leisure time,It has gradually bought some to chew on。

Recently in the way of the future intend to do,After the war the national exam to register,Therefore need to buy some books look,Think of the Internet bookstore should have books for finishing last year,Finally, relying on the help of Google Great God,Ferret has not been taken down in the event website。Taking advantage of the long holiday,This is almost two days to pick a book in front of a computer,The total pick fifty-two,Finally, for the appropriate reading of the recent,Includes examination books,Purchased ten,About two thousand two hundred yuan,Single purchase several times more than in the past,In this regard, I discovered quite willing to spend

This sort of list full record at the "Little Bookstore" in,After the book review will also record that。Then other books sent,Will begin to take Kenshu friends ~

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