Camera lectures - "ISO"

Quoted from:3Cbank密技百樂門 Electronic information

This secondary to explain in the camera field of what is called "ISO" ,Camera "ISO" as early the camera negatives specifications and functions,Photosensitivity 就是 來說 簡單,Early photographic experience if,Feeling on the bottom piece hull 會印 裝都 current moment 會發 bottom PurchasingPhotometric XXX,So-called sensitivity is the film's sensitivity to light,值越 large 當數,The photosensitive value greater,There are built-in camera normally digit ISO 20、25、32、40、50、64、80、100、125、160、200、250、320、400And other value,But not necessarily all of the above mentioned values ​​will be used。Sensitive values ​​and what image is directly related to it?

Above-mentioned photosensitive value the negatives for light sensitivity,In other words this,If the smaller the ISO sensitivity value(ex:ISO 80、100),Require more light(Long exposure time),Also more suitable for the environment to use camera with a slow shutter,The film sensitivity setting of ISO200,Demand only ray ISO demand law office 100 Half of the exposure time,But technological advances,Unless professionals,Museum purchase phase 會去 see the bottom piece 乎很 several little people,Are directly using the built-in digital camera specifications,Like the above-mentioned,Digital camera specifications ISO with the ordinary negatives specifications are the same,Inmo discrimination 沒有 parallel,General digital cameras are set directly using the ISO 100 Setting,outdoors、The interior has been very good enough,If you take a long time to put the shutter even ISO value can be adjusted lower,On the contrary,If the ISO value is set to 200 ~ 400 Between,The desired exposure time is greatly reduced,Shutter time to speed up,Since sufficient light、Shutter speed,When use dynamics 攝 beat 在 fit silhouette,Akira motion throughout 稍微 only machine settings using a 這樣 immediately,Was not affected to shoot out of the picture。

ISO value set improperly, then,Photographed images will be greatly reduced,For example, high sensitivity ISO values ​​with slow shutter or aperture,The captured image will be snow-white one,A careful 是 這裡,ISO value is finally set,Or to the digital camera automatically adjusts,Adjusted if need special,It goes without saying;How do you say,Usually ISO100 setting,Ordinary use has more than enough,In general shutter and light source settings,Using a high ISO value(ex:≧ISO400),Images taken obvious coarse,The higher the ISO sensitivity value more obvious,Source of light projected on a large amount of current for cause photosensitive 這是,Elevated temperatures to produce heat dry point,The reaction caused by the coarse particles on the image,Except in special circumstances,You do not have to adjust the ISO sensitivity value,Aesthetic beauty piece 喔 phase out old accepted 以照 這樣!

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