Camera Lecture - "exposure compensation"

Quoted from:3Cbank密技百樂門 Electronic information

Camera according to good,No non-關鍵 three pieces,shutter、Iris and technology,But every time the camera when,We needed more likely 們所 是 a non-parallel beam 當時 也許,To the camera had to stand in the proper light,Stand good、Background is not necessarily good,Good background、Local stations are not necessarily good,How to do it? (EV、Exposure Value),內 rumored 當數 phase machineBuilt Metering Mode measurement light adequacy,Most of them take the average of the whole picture,Adaptively 是 在 schematic under a large sun 這樣,But when the weather light is not so ideal,Compensation required 了 曝光 就需 climate 這時,When to use exposure compensation?

For example,Scenic landscape 點照 phase at certain individual requirements 在 們想 當我,Man unhappy one back light,The whole picture will look clear background,But the face of a man was dark unclear,Open flash lamp 應打 anti remembered 會直 很多 human capital climate 這時,雖然閃光燈的效果一定有效,But how much use the flash makes the whole picture looks less natural,了 這類 problem solving than 就可 曝光 compensation adjustment required only 這時,Camera exposure compensation range of plus or minus 2,Adjust the " " part makes the picture is getting brighter,Conversely adjustment "-" makes the screen to reduce brightness,Jiko 夠的 non-degree Akira 體的 攝物 當拍,Adjust the EV value " " section,If the check for a proper adjustment throughout 數直 class,Digital cameras have instant preview feature,So with the film with tone,Do not have to worry about the negatives。

Do not have to because everyone says is too bright too dark need to adjust how much exposure compensation value,With the different shooting conditions,Wako 圈 gate comfort one non-adjustment 樣的,Plus exposure compensation,Not the same feeling you can shoot screen,The beginners If the accumulated to a certain degree of experience,Want to shoot how to screen,Probably a coefficient related to the adjustment can be very familiar,你的 training ground aesthetic finesse 吧 點磨 點優 Kei 找個 起 就拿 寶貝 phase machine now!

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