Camera Lecture - "Metering Mode"

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Today, we're telling a metering mode in the camera field ",What is metering it? ,A photo according to the,Performance in addition to have full color and theme clearly outside,Akira Kiyoshi 晰明 required return,Technology required 好 了 對焦 natural dividing 這當,Zhang completed phase one piece aesthetic talent 做到 amount 搭配 曝光 demand return,,Large impact in 太 沒有 數位 phase current machine metering technology 對於,Photometry table 內建 rumored that a half 數位 phase machine for multi-factor 這是,Built-in light meter to measure the automatic shutter and aperture value,So the user when operating digital cameras and does not notice the adjustment of the metering mode。Camera are classified into various different light metering,But most of them are multi-map grid metering central spot metering and spot metering "is more commonly,Next distinguished speakersSolution three different metering modes brings function and its application point。

More map grid metering:Also known segment metering、Segment metering or average metering,How to split formation in case 數格 畫面 Calibrate one 是 Yoshinari think 顧名,Then the light source of the many squares in each grid do the sum of the average,Its average is set shutter speed and aperture size of the camera reference;FIG plurality entire screen grid photometry is done with reference to the exposure value,So it is suitable for taking pictures of landscapes、Group photo、A larger area of ​​the screen,This mode is very suitable for use depends on the amount of exposure。

Central Spot:Also known as Center-weighted average、The main emphasis on the center of the screen metering mode,To main metering reference value to the center of the screen,That main object to be photographed,Regardless of the size of the object contrast of peripheral rays、Backlight,To normal exposure of the subject based,May sometimes be the subject and not the center of the lens,Secure than under normal 值的 曝光 攝物 就可 center mirror head 拉回 攝物 needed only under climate bunch 這時,攝 beat schematic photometry 這種 歡用 很喜 capital house a 專業 攝影 較具,But longer needed because this pattern metering,Beginners more prone to underexposure or overexposure occurs,Suggest trying diligently practiced,This mode when shooting a single subject or particular light very useful。

Spot:This metering mode photometric range than multiple metering FIG grid to the center spot metering and smaller,Is a small region of the center of the screen(Or a point)Do exposure measurement,Use the most applications in the percentage disparity is subject,Let's say an ant on a leaf、Or a bird on the blue sky,Kiyoshi beat a young 攝物 晰 required under a suspended thing 較大 proportional 這種,Spot metering will be used to a higher-quality image。

Although Metering Mode less with less important position in the digital camera,Most digital cameras are automatically measure the exposure value,Surveying parallel artificial waste,But if want to take a photo of the United States and the United States,Still need considerable understanding。

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