First light after the heavy storm

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Temporarily come to an end four years of college life,Looking back,Does not seem to a few memorable things,There is only painful memories…..

After 畢業 in the land,Studies began to fall stepped down。In addition to high school midterm exam the first time to third,After it has been hovering around in ten,Reading situation becomes bad,Did not always look to the book reading。After entering university,Not only did not improve,Unexpected again sharply downward slide,Sliding speed,Like sit slides,To senior winter vacation,That is, at the beginning of the year,I feel that I seem to have arrived bottom,Was also emotional collapse several times…..

Ten grades come out before several,这 学期 All pass,Average 81.8 minutes;This is the first time in four years passed all,Also for the first time on an average of 80 points。After seeing the results,A lot of mood suddenly,After so many things,Finally there is one exciting thing。

First light after the heavy storm,So beautiful,Is so kind of beautiful。

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