Interestingly Ubuntu interpreted

Wikipedia (Wikipedia) information is all-inclusive,Even the "Tintin" This stuff can be found in the inside explain,From time to time I'll go check information。When relevant information just check the Ubuntu,Classical (classical) language suddenly thought wiki,Curiosity dictates under,Switch to the classical Chinese language,Originally thought that the content should not be,The results see the following comments:

Ubuntu 者,也 腦作 electrical system work,Its name is intended to carry said Ren。The whole thing needed salty,Simple is even worse。Six months a new,Non-conventional ear does not observed。They help cover,Yes meter and a half years,Even three years or who。

Kubuntu、Xubuntu,Also noted that other kinds of。

Just a few,Ubuntu will be implications、content、Update and warranty are all included into,Really had to admire ah! ,Ha ~

Wikipedia classical version (Wikipedia ceremony):Ubuntu

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