Take an English name for themselves

Sometimes want to make their own to take an English name,But always do not know where to start,The most common way than to use the search engine to find an English name list,And then pick and choose。

Discipline of English naming an individual 很棒 找到 Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi Dead time between the current hall 譯言——"Famous station"。You can set the first condition name you want,Which letter at the beginning or end of,Or which in the text (sound) to be included in the name,Zhou was removed 做搜 fathom of constructive place 你的 會依 flight system,And the result is a list showing。

词库 里 的 英文 名字 似乎 没有 很多,But this naming than through the Google gods have Yahoo knowledge blunderbus, to better,Recommend to you:)



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