Japanese TV drama:North GLORY DAYS under (aka:Innocent sleeping out students)

Today, almost all day to nest in the room under the north the GLORY DAYS,Sun Shi-play reform 漫畫 reason 這齣,I heard recently was broadcast on FTV。This made the "Love Hina" with "Train Man" flavor,The story is interesting that occur in say a heavy candidates and a number of girls sharing a flat,A woman companion emotion expression behavior 對於 以及 phosphate-free head angle main man play by 穿插 information,With the light and the background music Lovespace,Although the final outcome is not particularly impressive or shocking story,But after that whenever I hear the play episode "Lovespace",The mood of the various watch videos immediately in my mind,Memorable。

Natori fragrance – Lovespace

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    Next to your house, you burn to me XD

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    辣 孩還 true woman 這些
    I have to look at XD

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