I did it!

After getting up in the morning,Began to prepare today to look at data,9:30 Departure go to the library,A go ~ burst…A full,Between the study rooms really small,About 50 seats less than it!

After returning home,,Because I did not have a desk,Will sort out a study space in the computer desk,A suitable chair 較合 Zhang 換了,Close the door to start K ~ Book。I did not take too long to study,It is very painful to see,Always sit still,But still and forced himself to settle down。Noon after dinner,Nap,After the up-for-book continues K,K to five o'clock dinner,Six went on to fight。Originally expected to read nine,But to eight when it has reached the progress I want,Want to say today is the first day to see,On a lazy,Hello ~ Turn on the computer will rest,Suddenly the whole feeling for him to relax,so good.

In retrospect,I probably have a good few years did not spend so much time in a day on reading the,The last time was in…High School…Or countries it…Ha! Although somewhat hard to read today,But I did not expect or support later,This is what the university can not do! So thinking that there is need to go to the library? But I think it is going to the library to see at least once,The study results because there should be better than at home,So tomorrow going to go in front of the library door, etc.,Leave a location to me! Students…

Countdown 39 days..

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