Useful "knowledge search service" by Sky

Yesterday, in reply to the article,Only to see "Moderators Reply" color run away,Then change the setting。After entering into the background CSS settings,But found that this part of the set displays the results turned out to not play a role,Fair to say that this area should be part of ".blockquote" framework,But no matter what the parameters set,Showing results but always be applied ".post_content" outer frame。

After they did some tests,This part is somewhat similar to the "Blog finished decorating"Picture Path essay mentioned problems。After applying the default sample version of modules,Everything is normal,But as long as the action on the CSS for storage,Whether you have not changed,Layout is the above-mentioned problems occur。On the back is a picture address into a relative path absolute path to solve,But this is how I could not find the problem sticking point。

Since this is set inside the Sky Blog,So say you want to find instructions on Google should not be too easy。After tried several times,Think of the sky also provided a similar service to Yahoo knowledge,They take a chance。After the key into the key,I really did not expect to find a solution,One way is to enter their own ".bmreply" framework,In doing this framework will be applied in the natural setting of "principal reply" in。

I would like to know is how to provide answers to people who know this framework,But not to mention this point,Let me surprise is relatively,This makes me question the verge of giving up,But so easily through "Knowledge Search"And get answers,For this mechanism,I feel it only sticks,Definitely give a five star rating! 🙂


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  1. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:

  2. anson Says |

    Principal Reply:
    I just can test on it - no problem
    Do you want to try the following address

  3. mirai0325jp Says |

    Xie Xie 你
    I can use the

  4. mirai0325jp Says |

    Hello! I do not know why I can not get into the knowledge search service…

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