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Most sites have now offers RSS subscription feature,Firefox can be generally used in numerous ways, such as subscriptions and read,But if want to subscribe to embed to Blog may not have provided all sites。Last night study waited a long time,The solution finally found a teaching post in the "melancholy circus" in,Namely throughNewsGatorTo subscribe。

To register as a member Log in NewsGator,Click the "top of theAdd Feeds」,In the pop-up window to switch to "URL & Import"Label,In "Feed URL"Field enter want to subscribe to the RSS address (if you do not know that you can try typing the address directly the Blog or website,The system will try to search),After filling click "Add Feed」,To close this small window。

Then,Click the "top of theSettings」,And switch to "Edit Locations」,Then you can see the first big objective is "NewsGator Web Edition」,Click "under itsHeadlines」。

The next screen in,Middle row address:
<script src=""></script>

This address is our goal of。Do not rush to copy,We first following "Check here to enable Headlines settings for this location."To hook on it!

Now,We can put that string into the address field of your Blog,To see how the results!

If you do not think so much pull Mile Laza information,Such as the posting date、And other sources,Can to just "Headlines"The place to make adjustments,The bottom display the results grammatical。If want to keep the title of words,This can be changed:

<p><a href='$link$'>$title$</a></p>



Output! (Palacan pattern is my own added)


參考資料:Melancholy Blue Circus Circus: You can also have a "news network"

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