Taiwan is expected to become the world's first large-scale ocean current power generation countries

Quoted from:Half of the children hesitated half of children are willing to – Classic reproduced] Taiwan is expected into the country of the world's first large-scale ocean current power generation

Recently are interested in environmental issues is quite,蠻棒 a sense of remembrance feedback 這則 newspaper arrives Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi Nursing,Share with you!

By June 24 (CNA reporter Tang Peijun Taipei on the 25th)

"It is just the Green Island along the Kuroshio generating capacity,Is already generating capacity of the three nuclear power plants ",National Taiwan University professor and director of the Institute of Energy & Resources Chen Falin,If the government support,Taiwan will become the world's first large-scale ocean current power generation capacity of countries,Not only wash away the notoriety of contributing to global warming,More important is to move towards clean power generation,Even become a wholly electrochemical islands。

June 16,Dragon Boat Festival, even false,Dan Chen Corps study area 發林 rate,Organizational division of labor and detailed planning at the Institute of Applied Mechanics at National Taiwan University on the third floor conference room held a "Green Island Kuroshio - power plant development plan",The day before, they just briefing to the Executive Yuan Minister of Economic Affairs Ho Mei-yueh,Highly affirmed。

Wave after wave of good news,Nobel Prize winner、Executive Yuan Science and Technology Advisory Group chief scientific adviser Yuan T. Lee also expressed high interest,To seven、August arrange a time to try to understand。

Chen Falin wrote marine works fast to turn to the blackboard、Information engineering whom assistance、National Taiwan University、Harvard professor birth name was included in one,Audience of aides from time to time put forward their views,It was pouring rain,But the conference room,Everyone passionate eyes、A fight looks like a very large operations。

確實,By electricity to the Kuroshio,Chemical electric Wed 將海,Just heard, can not help but scratched his head said "What? How could,The same problem,Smile a smile 說 發林 Chen,Ocean current power generation has long been studied for many years,But has "amplifier unpaired", Mainly developed countries, congenital conditions, is not the best,For example, the Kuroshio hundred kilometers from Japan,From the island of Taiwan is only 20 km,Looking at the world,Taiwanese did not know,The best place is in Taiwan。

Global warming issues in recent years by the great attention,Marine research currently ongoing long-term care of large units reach heaven Yes Corps study 發林 Dan Chen,We 數萬 high brush material,Did not get organized,So in the beginning of this year classification、analysis。

Shin individual people very surprised a result decree arrives resulting,Kuroshio throughout the year orientation north flow,Not only is the world's rare quality ocean currents,And from the Philippines to Taiwan after,Less than one kilometer from the land and Taiwan、And a flow rate of one second a meter,Wide and 150 km,Is an enormous energy,Through science and technology into,It would be one of the most natural、Clean generator。

According to the oceans at National Taiwan University from 1985 to 2002, the Kuroshio in Taitung and Green Island 9048 document (s),For the case of 綠島 黑潮 east 以台 give young 發現,High flow rate deflection 綠島 區較,Depth of 50 meters or less,If to 1MW(One million watts)Pairs of leaves currents generating units estimated,25 square kilometers (If an individual setting for ruins)Sea area,About cloth put 1000Mwe(Namely 1GW)。

And every one site have the equivalent of nuclear (635MWe)、Two nuclear(985MWe) Or Nuclear(951MWe)Rated generating capacity of potential,If the government support,Taiwan is expected to become the country the world's first large-scale ocean power capacity。

These are enough? ,If the Green Island, coupled with the Orchid Island between the Kuroshio,6000 km2 area,Per square kilometer layout 4 Submerge contained units,Estimated annual power generation of 1 trillion 681.6 billion kWh,Taiwan a year generating about 98 billion degrees,Even the annual average generating capacity of the Three Gorges Dam is only 84.6 billion degrees。

In other words this,Kuroshio on Taiwan,,Future commercial operation,Not only can decommissioned thermal power、Nuclear power also take a back seat,Chen 發林 說,Imagine the future of Taiwan is no longer emit large quantities of carbon dioxide、No radiation threat,Scrubbing the average global temperature rose 0.6 degrees in the 20th century,Of years in Taiwan increased by an average of 1.1 degrees,Warming at twice the speed of global notoriety。

Even the Executive Yuan of Taiwan's water sector national treasure by the consultant Gold Hill Council for listening to the briefing,Hair came up with a great vision,Taiwan turned out to eat oil machine changed their eating electric,Such as a car into a tram,Long-term Taiwan may move to "full power of the island."。

Current road 發電 retardant (Ocean current power generation)No negative influence? ,When the original discussion in a well-known scholar in Tokyo, Japan,一向以謹慎出名的日本教授只說出想法可能有點太樂觀外,But could not speak to what is feasible or there may be harm。

Dan Chen Corps 沒有 rest 假 發林 research,Is working to the framework for detailed research project,Mysterious "global Kuroshio are very concerned about,Commercial confidentiality 是 這可 ",However, Taiwan is very lucky,Such a near distance of the Kuroshio,A dream fulfilled 僅是 畫不 University personnel process a total of 這個,The history of energy development is the most critical step in Taiwan。

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