Friendly shopping platform-buy directly from the farmer

[Buy directly from the farmer]
Stand with the farmer,Protect your health! Guard the land!

– Social Enterprise。
– Cooperation with producers of friendly land,And will visit on site。
– Paying attention to labor rights and avoiding disguised price increases,No free shipping threshold。


“Because we want to be kind to everyone who works hard,Hope to avoid depressing the income of producers、Depress the income of logistics personnel、Depress employee income、Or the way to increase the price of the product,Form a disguised free shipping discount。Free stuff,One party will always bear the loss we can't see。If you are like us,Hope that the rights and interests of Taiwanese workers will be taken seriously、The income of Taiwanese workers can increase steadily,I believe you will agree with our views:)”

Focus on products (the reason):
– Lamb shreds      (Taiwanese lamb)
– Mao Mung Bean       (Taiwanese Mung Beans)
– Lotus root powder      (Healthier than sweet potato powder and cornstarch)
– Live miso(Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Taiwan Original Ma Gao Dou Dried  (Taiwanese Soybeans)
– Dried red dates       (No pesticides)
– Wolfberry        (organic)
– Plum vinegar       (Help digestion)
– Lemon vinegar       (Help digestion)
– Pineapple live vinegar      (Help digestion)
– Plum vinegar       (Help digestion)
– Quinoa ~ fermentation broth   (Help digestion)
– Chili vinegar       (Help digestion、Dehumidification)
– Black sesame oil

Recommended products (the reason):
– Native wheat Guanmiao noodles      (Taiwanese wheat、good to eat、Suitable for various cooking methods、Cheap)
– Local green seed black bean flour/soy bean flour/ (Taiwanese black beans/soya beans、Serve soy milk with water)
– Black bean bean tea        (Taiwanese black beans、Can soak black bean water、Paper bag packaging)
– Dry fungus          (Easy to save)


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