Friendly Environment Shopping Platform-Yoho Village

【Youhuo Countryside】
Organic fruits and vegetables、Organic Vegetable Delivery、Safety and non-toxic inspection、Smallholder Sales Platform

– Cooperation with friendly producers,And insist on not using herbicides。
– Rich variety of seafood,Including Penghu、Southern Australia and farmed seafood。
– There is a frozen store for the whole family。

– full 999 free shipping。
– Scheduled to arrive today,Use Black Cat Express,Another family frozen store。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Several grazing eggs     (Grazing chicken)
– Tainan put mountain ancient chicken products (Grazing chicken)
– Free mountain black feather chicken     (Grazing chicken)
– Hometown pig products     (Central Livestock Farm uses excrement for biogas power generation)
– Lamb (Taiwanese lamb)
– Taiwan production and sales history beef   (Taiwanese beef、Production and sales history、Relatively cheap)
– Diamond Grouper Filet Fillet   (Yongan breeding、Use medium oil pure low temperature seawater)
– Skinned fish steak       (Penghu Seafood、Go thorn)
– Crab tube meat(Penghu Seafood、Shelling)
– Sea vegetables         (Penghu Seafood)
– Seaweed         (Penghu Seafood)
– Pink mung bean        (Taiwanese Mung Beans)
– Frozen corn kernels     (Taiwan native corn、organic)

Recommended products (the reason):
– White ribbon fish meat roll                                                                (South Australia Seafood、Go thorn、good to eat)
– Penghu Pearl Spot/Dragon Tiger Spot/      (Penghu Farming、good to eat)
– Diamond to stab the noon fish         (Yongan breeding、Use medium oil pure low temperature seawater、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– Mahi-mahi sword(Suao Seafood、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– Mambo fish skin            (South Australia Seafood、Thornless、Affordable fish species)
– Put mountain black feather chicken rooster cut into pieces      (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– Yunlin grazing golden native chicken bone-in chicken thigh cut into pieces (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap、Friendly farming and installation of solar panels)
– Home fragrant pork pork shreds         (Central Livestock Farm uses excrement for biogas power generation、The pork is very thin and easy to cook)


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