Friendly Environment Shopping Platform-Yoho Village

【Youhuo Countryside】
Organic fruits and vegetables、Organic Vegetable Delivery、Safety and non-toxic inspection、Smallholder Sales Platform

– Cooperation with friendly producers,And insist on not using herbicides。
– Rich variety of seafood,Including Penghu、Southern Australia and farmed seafood。
– There is a frozen store for the whole family。

– full 999 free shipping。
– Scheduled to arrive today,Use Black Cat Express,Another family frozen store。

Focus on products (the reason):
– Several grazing eggs     (Grazing chicken)
– Tainan put mountain ancient chicken products (Grazing chicken)
– Free mountain black feather chicken     (Grazing chicken)
– Hometown pig products     (Central Livestock Farm uses excrement for biogas power generation)
– Lamb (Taiwanese lamb)
– Taiwan production and sales history beef   (Taiwanese beef、Production and sales history、Relatively cheap)
– Diamond Grouper Filet Fillet   (Yongan breeding、Use medium oil pure low temperature seawater)
– Skinned fish steak       (Penghu Seafood、Go thorn)
– Crab tube meat(Penghu Seafood、Shelling)
– Sea vegetables         (Penghu Seafood)
– Seaweed         (Penghu Seafood)
– Pink mung bean        (Taiwanese Mung Beans)
– Frozen corn kernels     (Taiwan native corn、organic)

Recommended products (the reason):
– White ribbon fish meat roll                                                                (South Australia Seafood、Go thorn、good to eat)
澎湖珍珠斑/龍虎斑/      (Penghu Farming、good to eat)
鑽石去刺午仔魚        (Yongan breeding、Use medium oil pure low temperature seawater、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– Mahi-mahi sword(Suao Seafood、good to eat、Few bones、Affordable fish species)
– Mambo fish skin            (South Australia Seafood、Thornless、Affordable fish species)
放山黑羽土雞公雞切塊     (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap)
– Yunlin grazing golden native chicken bone-in chicken thigh cut into pieces (Grazing chicken、Relatively cheap、Friendly farming and installation of solar panels)
家香豬豬肉絲         (Central Livestock Farm uses excrement for biogas power generation、The pork is very thin and easy to cook)


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