"Reading" Diseases from Expelling Cold and Relieving

Author:Li Biru
Press:Sancai Culture
Publishing Day:2018/11/02
Individual competitions:★★★★
Ebook link:Readmoo



Sleep in an air-conditioned room if you add a mat,Then it's even colder。Wake up early, you might as well make a cup of light ginger soup,Can add one、Two spoons of Chinese medicine to expel wind and cold,Warm hot drink with brown sugar or maltose,Help to get rid of the cold。In the natural environment,Of course you can sleep on the summer mat (the straw mat can,Bamboo mat、Rattan seats、Cool cushion is not suitable)、Drink mung bean soup,But the reality is not that at all,Might as well cook some red bean and coix seed soup,Add a few slices of ginger,Lack of breath,Can add some Codonopsis;People with insufficient blood,The ratio of coix seed is less。

Office worker who has been living in the cold room for a long time,The cold of the day must be discharged on the same day:Make sure to soak your feet and sweat when you go home every day,Hot porridge,At least it can ensure that the new cold will no longer accumulate。Hisai air conditioner,So that the whole body is shut down,Circulatory metabolism slows down,Produce eczema、Sweat spot、Folliculitis and other spleen deficiency、Moisture retention,Can have some barley、Lentils、Yam、Gorgon and other foods for invigorating the spleen and removing dampness,Slightly add ginger,To dispel cold and dampness。


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