A upload videos on youtube,Legend allochromasia 發現 complete,Originally thought it was because youtube conversion problems before,Solution, and no later Ikutsugu 試過,Abandoned uploaded。But later found other movies, too,The colors have become very strange,Shinya let you merge a 來看 覽器 換瀏,Therefore, the problem Flash point。

First try to change the youtube html5 mode,Was back to normal,But then the problem yet。Then try to re-install the flash plug-in,But the results versa,Regardless of the dog finally had to help God。

Solution is not difficult to,As long as the playback,Right-click into the flash setting mode,"Hardware acceleration" is turned off,Reopen the browser to。


至于 为什么 会 发生 我 还是 不太 了解,Take a temporary way to solve this chant。

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